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Castle Comfort specialise in dealing with the best UK companies manufacturing stairlifts in Manchester, that between them can accomodate a variety of different styles to suit a contemporary or traditional design for your home.

If you have concerns regarding an entrance at the bottom or top of the stairways then the rail can be installed to make sure that it is flush with the top, and for the bottom of the stairways a hinged track can be included which folds up, out of the way, and ensures that no doorways are blocked when your stairlifts not being used.

Stairlifts Manchester
Curved Stannah Stairlifts Supplied Thoughout Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire

Some less costly companies are still setting up reconditioned stairlifts from out of date providers that no longer have approved spare parts availability. Those stairlifts are not worth spending any money on, and can be a false economy.

We have known cases where an initial bargain can turn out very costly in the long run, needing many repairs and call out charges, that may turn out double or triple what you initially paid for the stairlift.

They are really surprisingly simple to operate. Why not call Castle Comfort to find out more and get your questions answered. Phone 0161 452 3636 today!

Pricing of Stairlifts

A straight staircase with no blockages in regards to doorways, therefore not requiring a special track, could be set up with a stairlift for around £1395 which is a guide price for a refurbished model.

We would certainly need to view the home to make sure that the lift would fit the staircase and that it would be appropriate for the individual who would be using it.

A complimentary survey can be organized at your convenience. Why not call Castle Comfort Stairlifts Manchester today on 0161 452 3636

A run of stairs that has a turn or bend in them would certainly need a bespoke stairlift with a curved rail, therefore the cost would be higher, as it needs to be measured and fabricated to fit the individual line of the stairs.

Because of this they begin at about £3,500, again for refurbished, but a complimentary no-obligation survey will verify a firmer price for you, and also obtain the right sizes for seat height as well as weight etc from the user which will be required to get a made to measure lift.

As Viewed On TV

As seen on TVOur firm was included by the BBC when we came to the help of a couple who had been informed they would have to wait before getting a stairlift with a grant. They needed a reputable stairway lift company to assist them with going upstairs to bed, which up until then was proving very tough for them to take care of. View our reviews web page to watch the brief film of it, and if you want to speak to someone now call us on 0161 452 3636 with your enquiry.

Which Brands of Stairlifts Are The Best?

Lasting as long as we have in the stairlifts Manchester marketplace we have actually seen many lift businesses go into receivership leaving their customers stranded, yet the top 3 major UK specialists are noted here, and are the most well recognized and have the highest recommendations from customers. We can get you a stairlift similar or the same as any here – the best of the best.

Manchester Stairlifts UK
The Top 3 Brands – Acorn, Companion and Stannah Stairlifts Manchester

These stairlifts, which are marketed in a joint collaboration with AGE UK, are manufactured in the West Midlands as well as being owned by the European Handicare group which produce related mobility aids, wheelchairs, lifting aids and other medical devices for the less mobile.

Their array of models starts with the Simplicity model for straight stairs and has a hand-operated swivel as well as having a manual footplate. If a powered swivel is required the Simplicity + is the appropriate version to select.

Following this model comes the Minivator 1000, readily available for outdoor or indoor use, they also have the narrowest track on the market and so are excellent when the stairs are more narrow than most.

An XXXL version of this lift is available to accomodate much heavier customers and is suited to a weight of up to 200 kg.

For a quick free quote without hesitation please contact us or call us on 0161 452 3636 today.


Stannah are one of the most recognised trademark names in the business as well as still being owned by the same household that started the company in the 1860’s.

Their variety offers quality traditional and also much more contemporary designs in a wide range of colours as well as styles from the totally uphostered high back Sofia model, to the modern-day and design-awarded Solus stairlifts, both providing around twelve different coloured upholsteries, in vinyl, material or leather.

There is additionally the Siena model for straight stairs, which is available in 6 colours of vinyl.

For stairways with bends they also produce the Siena which is a suitable standard version, as well as having a premium version called the Starla which has wood trim as an alternative on the seat and looks really classy.

They additionally have a perched model and that is particularly made for curved rails. That model is called the Sadler, on which the user does not have to sit totally down by flexing the knees, but rather perches on the seat, hence the name. This also is a good model to install on slim curved stairwells which would be impossible on a standard seated lift.


Acorn have grown considerably from their beginning in 1992 to be a worldwide expert in stairlifts manufacture. Their versions start with a low-cost vinyl seat model called the Slimline 130 and go on to a perched and also fast-fit curved 180 version.

Their curved stairlift doesn’t require weeks of waiting for the customized construction of the rail. In fact this is the quickest method to get a curved stairlift installed.

Why get yourself a stairlift?

The reasons to be trying to find a stairlift are as unique as each stairlift setup, yet a lack of strength or movement on the staircase could be a threat for falls, so it pays to take action when you know you might have found yourself the right supplier.

Manchester Stairlifts Supplier
We began by arranging lifts for our families. Now we can do the same to help you.

The major reason is to be a lot safer navigating the stairs.  As well as this it also inevitably makes any fears lessen and turns what might have been an unpleasant battle with the stairs, into something practical, simple and easy. In fact more people every day are getting stairlifts installed. Will you be joining them? Contact us to get a free call back at a time to suit you.

Where can stairlifts be installed?

The only minimum needs for your stairlift installation is that there is a gap throughout the staircases of at the very least twenty seven inches, which is really rather a narrow space. If your staircase has spiral turns or otherwise has bends or other curves in it, then it will certainly have to be a couple of inches larger. This is so that the chair can turn on the bends and the riders knees don’t touch on the wall.

An outdoor chairlift, as they are also known, is most often mounted inside the home to enable you to still enjoy the whole house and for easy access to the upstairs. We can also put in outdoor lifts if you intend to still access the garden, garage area or vehicle parking spot, which makes life easier if any of those are on an incline or you have a steep drive.

A list of our latest clients include people living in all areas of Manchester including wider areas of Cheshire and Lancashire.  Recent installations have been in Wigan , Bolton, Bury, Rochdale and Oldham. These have been for a mix of straight stairlifts, and also we have fitted a number of curved stairlifts in Salford, Trafford, Thameside and Stockport/Sale.  We can install any lift that will meet your specific demands and also the dimensions of your staircase.

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